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Pleasant investments in Italy

Pleasant investments in Italy

For most of the people Italy triggers specific associations: fashion, recreation, ancient history, divine wine and food. However, these are not the only aspects that make the Apennine Peninsula attractive; far-sighted financial strategists have chosen this wonderful corner of world for investments long time ago. Since Italy is very attractive from the point of view of long-term investment. Moreover, the list of investment opportunities is really diverse: almost all the available sectors are primary for the foreign investments. Investors are attracted to food, transportation, recreational infrastructures, and real estate sector.


Nowadays there are many reasons to invest specifically in Italy. The country is a large exporter, it is the country of a big market which offers great opportunities.

Real Estate

Buying an apartment, villa, or a commercial premise in Italy is a really profitable investment of your money. Practice shows that even the crisis hasn’t affected the tendency: there is a huge demand for Italian real estate among foreigners. Readily invest their capitals in this sector Americans, British, and Russians. There are many reasons for such popularity. First of all, climate and geographical position of the country make it maximally comfortable for living and recreation. Many people are attracted to the idea of living in “two houses”; for example, buying a flat in Liguria will allow not to think about where to spend the vacations, but, on the contrary, will reduce all kinds of expenses, since now one already has his own “corner”, and not somewhere, but in Italy itself. Moreover, one always ones to come back to this country, and many want to live there forever.

Besides, many invest in real estate because of the opportunity of high return and having a high income. In the big cities, on the Adriatic and Mediterranean seaside there is always a high demand for the rental apartments: both economy and luxury variants. In any case, whether an investor plans to use the purchased real estate himself or to get income, buying an apartment in Italy is profitable.


Besides the real estate sector, industry is another attractive sector for investors from all round the world. Italy produces almost everything: fabrics, food, cars, ceramics, etc. Especially interesting for businessmen is the food sector; particularly winemaking, cheese and meat production. The potential of the sector is really huge, since it affects not only the production of cheese, for instance, but also production of packaging, technology development, logistics, etc. Additionally, double investment modes are also interesting – when an industrial object neighbors the real estate object (e.g. villa and vine filed). This is a perfect long-term investment.


Investment in the tourism industry of Italy is logical and pleasant. People have always been coming and will be coming here for exquisite way of life, beauty and comfort. It is possible to say that Italy is such a touristic classic that cannot be too much and which is always in fashion. Indeed, the number of tourist is only growing from year to year, since the amount of entertainment and pleasure is sufficient for everyone. Skiing resorts, sea beaches, thermal springs, ancient ruins – history and beauty of Italy are concentrated in every square meter.


Besides all of these, Italy is a stable country. Despite all the crises, the economy is thriving, and the standard of living is high. Far-sighted financiers readily invest in Italy, since it is not only profitable, but also pleasant.