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Investments in Milan

Investments in Milan: reliable and profitable

Foreign real estate has always been one of the most “smart” and right investments. Italy is in top positions in the list of most attractive European countries on the foreign real estate market. Many regions of the country are popular, but the most far-sighted and experienced investors choose the strategic capital of the north – Milan.

Intelligent management of financial resources is the key to the calm future. How to properly allocate the capital? Where to invest money in order to not only maintain but also increase it? Many of our compatriots successfully invest the money to purchase real estate in Milan. Investments in the active and dynamic metropolis, offers great opportunities: it is always the best choice. Therefore, no matter how popular other regions of Italy are, the capital of Lombardy is still the number one in the list of cities, which attracts investment funds. The acquisition of residential or commercial real estate here guarantees a stable annual income of up to 8%.

Investment in residential property is one of the most beneficial for the moment. Why is it so?

Because the purchase of flats or apartments in Milan guarantees a steady income. It is possible to multiply the invested capital just by renting out your property. Demand for long and short-term rental of residential premises is always there, and here’s why.

  • Exhibitions, fashion and other worldwide or cultural events. Such events in the city are not uncommon, right the opposite. Almost every month participants or visitors of some thematic exhibition come here. Consequently, the demand for housing is always there.
  • Study. The demand for student housing has always been, is and will be there. Prospective students of public and private schools from all over the world come to Milan each year (Bocconi University, the Academy of Brera, the Marangoni Institute of Fashion, Institute of Design and others).
  • Business. In the capital of Lombardy, there are offices of major companies and commercial structures. There are annual international exhibitions, which are attended by representatives of different countries.
  • Tourism. Based on the feedback from tourists, the trend of recent years among travelers is renting the apartments in the city of visit. Many tourists nowadays prefer to book a private apartment due the reasons to comfort and economy.

Investment in real estate in Milan 2015 is reliable and profitable event. Even despite the times of economic crisis, demand for residential and commercial properties is not decreasing.